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remote circuit breaker racking system

Rotary Remote Racking

Universal remote circuit breaker racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage draw-out circuit breakers that use a jack screw rotary racking mechanism while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary.

Extractor Remote Racking

Universal remote circuit breaker racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage non-rotary circuit breakers while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary.

Single-Use Portable Remote Racking

Single-application remote circuit breaker racking system that allows the operator to install and remove a circuit breaker while standing 7.6 to 23 meters away with a hand control unit, with radio remote option.

Handheld Remote Racking

A handheld powered racking device capable of racking most rotary-style low- and medium-voltage switchgear utilising a high-torque motor, preventing operator fatigue and reducing time spent within the arc-flash boundary.

Remote Switch Actuator

Allows service personnel to move, push, pull, charge, close and/or trip circuit breakers and other electrical equipment from a safe distance in conjunction with a CBS ArcSafe RSO.

Options and Accessories

From the PD Alert partial discharge sensor option, to a radio remote up to 90 meters, to a wireless video system, CBS ArcSafe offers a variety of optional equipment and accessories for its remote switch and racking systems.

Explore Vacuum Interrupter Testing, Services, and Replacements

vacuum interrupter bottles

Vacuum Interrupter Replacements

Replacement vacuum interrupters (vacuum bottle interrupters) for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker or vacuum contactor.

Encapsulated Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies

Replacement for the original vacuum interrupter pole assembly used in compatible Power/Vac® circuit breakers that incorporate encapsulated/embedded vacuum interrupters and have passed the applicable ANSI/IEEE C37 standard tests.*

SF6 Equipment Leak Repair, Refill or Replacement

SF6 repair services include repair leaking seals, refill SF6 interrupters, repair SF6 breaker pole assemblies and stock replacement SF6 interrupters for a variety of medium-voltage (38kV and below) circuit breakers and metal-clad switchgear.

VITS60M Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Test Set

Test vacuum interrupters using NETA/ANSI/IEEE standardized HV DC test methods. Three test sets in one: 60kV DC pass/fail vacuum interrupter integrity test set; 2.5/5/10kV megohmmeter with automated routines for insulation resistance, polarity index and absorption ratio tests; and 60kV DC hipot.

MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Third-generation test set using its patented technology for determining the condition of vacuum interrupters in the field, shop or laboratory.

Circuit Breaker Timer and Interface

A self-contained, multiuse test set designed to operate and interact with all types of circuit breakers. The circuit breaker timer interface unit incorporates power supply, trip and close switches, timer interface connections, and cable sets.

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