VITS60M Utilizes Traditional HV DC Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Test Technology

  • Tests vacuum interrupters using NETA/ANSI/IEEE standardized HV DC test methods
  • Provides up to 60kV DC for go/no-go pass/fail high potential DC test of vacuum interrupter integrity
  • Also incorporates a 2.5/5/10kV megohmmeter/insulation resistance tester and a 60kV DC hipot
  • Rugged and lightweight, it can be used in the field or the shop

Three Test Sets in One

  • 60kV DC pass/fail vacuum interrupter integrity test set
  • 2.5/5/10kV megohmmeter with automated routines for insulation resistance, polarity index and absorption ratio tests
  • 60kV DC hipot


  • Pass/fail testing of vacuum interrupters
  • Use NETA/ANSI/IEEE HV DC test procedures
  • 1kV DC–60kV DC in 1kV increments
  • Incorporates 2.5/5/10kV DC meghommeter
  • Incorporates standalone 60kV DC hipot
  • Back-lit LCD screen viewable in sunlight
  • User friendly – easy to use
  • Very portable – only 10.4 kg
  • Suitable for field or shop use
  • Rugged carrying case with lid


  • Vacuum Integrity Test Voltage: 1kV DC to 60kV DC in 1kV increments
  • Megohmmeter Test Voltage: 2.5kV, 5kV and 10kV DC
  • Hipot Test Voltage: 1kV DC to 60kV DC in 1kV increments
  • Display: Back-lit LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Viewable in bright sunlight and low-light conditions
  • Safety Features: Overload cutout; auto discharge of stored voltage; external interlock circuit; HV-On lamp
  • Input Voltage: 100–240V AC, 45–65Hz
  • Maximum Power Requirement: 300 watts
  • Weight: 10.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 430mm x 356mm x 229mm
Typical Connection Diagram for VITS60M Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Tester testing a vacuum interrupter
High Voltage Test Cable
High Voltage Test Cable
Signal Cable
Signal Cable
Grounding Cable
Grounding Cable
Input Power Cable
Input Power Cable

VITS60M Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Tester

Vacuum Interrupters Inc. is pleased to introduce the VITS60M vacuum interrupter integrity tester (aka vacuum bottle integrity tester). First and foremost, the VITS60M is an extremely user-friendly, very portable, lightweight 60kV DC test set that includes everything required to test the integrity of vacuum interrupters in the field or the shop. It incorporates a variable high-voltage power supply, back-lit LCD display and comprehensive safety features and is furnished with a complete set of test cables.

Actually, this is a 3-in-1 test set, as it additionally has superior performance as a 2.5/5/10kV megohmmeter, and can also function as a standalone 60kV DC hipot. As a megohmmeter, it not only measures insulation resistance, but it also provides automated test routines for polarity index and absorption rate tests.

The main objective of the unique design and simple operation of the VITS60M is to permit the test technician to use a single test set to easily test vacuum interrupters as well as insulating elements in the field during maintenance testing. Armed with this information, users can determine if a vacuum circuit breaker, contactor or other electrical equipment should remain in service or must be repaired or replaced.

Utilizing the traditional NETA/ANSI/IEEE high-voltage DC test for vacuum interrupters, the VITS60M provides a 1kV–60kV DC test voltage for basic go/no-go pass/fail test results.

The unit’s LCD display indicates:

  • Test duration
  • Test voltage being applied
  • Measured leakage current
  • Whether the vacuum interrupter passed or failed the test
  • In addition to results being shown on the LCD display, panel lamps also indicate the pass or fail condition of the vacuum interrupter

Below are representative screen shots while testing a vacuum interrupter. Click for larger view.

The VITS60M also can function as a megohmmeter and provides 2.5/5/10kV DC for performing insulation resistance tests of various insulating elements of the circuit breaker, contactor or other electrical equipment under test.

Automated test routines are incorporated for polarity index and absorption rate when the VITS60M is performing as a megohmmeter/insulation resistance tester. The test set provides programmable leakage current thresholds and test durations.

The unit’s LCD display will show:

  • Test duration
  • High voltage being applied
  • Current and resistance values being measured
  • The unit will also calculate and display:
    • Absorption ratio
    • Polarity index of the element being tested

Below are representative screen shots while performing an insulation resistance test. Click for larger view.