circuit breaker remote racking tool designed for a specific circuit breaker type/style.

Single-Use Portable Remote Racking Tools

Each CBS ArcSafe RRS-3 Single-Use Remote Racking System is a portable, standalone device designed to remotely rack a single type/style circuit breaker.

These inexpensive, single-application remote breaker racking systems allow the operator to use a hand-control unit to install and remove a breaker while standing up to 90 meters away.

RRS-3 units are most commonly assisted by strong magnets, meaning that no modifications to your switchgear are required. This also allows operators to easily move the RRS-3 from one breaker to another.

Each RRS-3 is custom-built to interface with your specific circuit breaker and is provided with an RSO-IV remote switch operator, which is required for its operation. A radio remote control is also available.

Circuit Breaker Compatibility

The RRS-3 is compatible with the following circuit breaker models:

Model #Manufacturer / Compatibility
RRS-3 ABB-MBABB/BBC/ITE Type MB/MBE air circuit breakers
RRS-3 ADVAC (CDL)ABB Type ADVAC vacuum circuit breakers
RRS-3 ADVAC (CDP)ABB Type ADVAC vacuum circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD (ME)General Electric (GE) AK-1-50 and AK-2-50 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-5General Electric (GE) AK-2A-50, AK-2A-75, and AK-2A-100 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-5 (S)General Electric (GE) AK-2A, AK-3A, AK-15, and AK-25 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-6General Electric (GE) AKR air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-8General Electric (GE) AKD-8 air circuit breakers (AKR/AKRU-6D/10D-30/50)
RRS-3 AKD-8 (L)General Electric (GE) AKR-6D, AKR-10D, AKR-75, and AKR-100 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-8 (S)General Electric (GE) AKR-6D, AKR-10D, and AKR-30S air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-10 (L)General Electric (GE) Wave Pro WPS/WPH/WPX 32/40/50 and EntelliGuard EGS/EGH/EGX 32/40/50 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AKD-10 (S)General Electric (GE) Wave Pro WPS/WPH/WPX 08/16/20 and EntelliGuard EGS/EGH/EGX 08/16/20 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 AMHGeneral Electric (GE) Type AMH-4.76-100/250/350-OD/1D
RRS-3 DB 75/100Westinghouse DB 75 and DB 100 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 DHP/DVP (S) Westinghouse Type DHP/DVP – 50DHP75, 1200 A; 50DHP250, 1200-2000 A; 50DHP350, 1200-2000 A
RRS-3 DSCutler-Hammer/Eaton/Square D/Westinghouse DS/DSL/DSII/DSLII 206/206S/416/416S/420/632/840 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 EmaxABB/Sace Emax E1-E6 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 EntelliGuard GGeneral Electric Type EntelliGuard G air circuit breakers with ratings of 400–6000 A, including GG/GJ/GH/GK-04/07/08/10/13/16/20/25/32/40/50/64
RRS-3 H/H-1Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) H/H-1 25, 50, 75, 100 H/H-1/HF/HF-1 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 H-2/H-3Federal Pacific Equipment (FPE) H-2/HL-2 25, 35, 50, 65, 75, 100 H/HL-2 and H-3/HL-3 30, 42, 50, 65, 75, 100 H/HL-3 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 HKRemote Racking Solution for HK-Style Circuit Breakers
RRS-3 KB/KCITE KB, KB-E, KB-G, KC, KC-E, and KC-G air circuit breakers
RRS-3 KL (L)ABB/BBC/ITE K-Line K-3000(S) and 4000(S) air circuit breakers
RRS-3 KL (S)ABB/BBC/ITE K-Line K-225(S), 600(S), 800(S), 1200(S), 1600(S), and 2000(S) air circuit breakers
RRS-3 LAAllis-Chalmers/Siemens-Allis LA/LAF1600/1600A/1600AF/1600B/2000/2000A air circuit breakers
RRS-3 LA (L)Allis-Chalmers/Siemens-Allis LA/LAF 3000/3000A/3200/3200A/4000/4000A/4000B/4000F air circuit breakers
RRS-3 LA (S)Allis-Chalmers/Siemens-Allis LA/LAF600/600A/600AF/600B/600F/800/800A/800B air circuit breakers
RRS-3 LKABB/BBC/ITE LK/LKD/LKE 8/16/20/25/32/40/42 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 MB IIGeneral Electric (GE) Magne-Blast AM 4.16/5/7.2/13.8/15 air/vacuum circuit breakers with clip-in elevating motor
RRS-3 MDSEaton/Cutler-Hammer MDS 08/16/20/30/32/40/50 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 Compact NSLow-voltage Merlin-Gerin/Schneider circuit breakers
RRS-3 NTMerlin Gerin/Schneider/Square D Masterpact NT 08/10/12/16 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 NWMerlin Gerin/Schneider/Square D Masterpact NW 08/16/20/30/40/50/60 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 PBIIGeneral Electric (GE) Type PowerBreak II 800, 1600, 2500, 3000, & 4000 A
RRS-3 PowlVacPowell Electrical Manufacturing PowlVac PV-style circuit breakers compatible with all standard PowlVac PV style circuit breakers with current ratings from 1200-3000A
RRS-3 PowlVac (CDR)Powell PowlVac vacuum circuit breakers with closing door racking (CDR) with ratings of 5 kV and 15 kV
RRS-3 RL(L)Siemens/Siemens-Allis RL/RLE/RLF3200/4000/5000 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 RL(S)Siemens/Siemens-Allis RL/RLE/RLF/RLI 800/1600/2000 air circuit breakers
RRS-3 SecoVac (IEEE)General Electric (GE) SecoVac VB2+ vacuum circuit breaker
RRS-3 VBGeneral Electric (GE) VB-4.16, VB-7.2, and VB-13.8 vacuum circuit breakers
RRS-3 VCPWestinghouse VCP-style circuit breakers with current ratings of 1200A-3000A and voltage ratings of 5kV-15kV (includes 50VCP, 75VCP, and 150VCP)
RRS-3 VCPWCutler-Hammer/Eaton/Westinghouse 50VCP-W, 75VCP-W, and 150VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers
RRS-3 VRSchneider/Square D VR05, VR08, and VR15 vacuum circuit breakers

Radio Remote Pendant Station Specifications

CBS ArcSafe also offers a radio remote option that allows for operation up to 90 meters away without the need for an extension cable. The radio remote option also allows for closed-door racking to occur once the RRS-3 has been attached to the breaker.

  • 2 control buttons
  • Operating distance: 91.4 m
  • Frequency: 310–320 MHz
  • Security coding: 128-bit framing protocol with 32-bit serial number embedded; error detection and correction encoded
  • Environmental rating: IP65
  • Temperature rating: -35° to 75° C
  • TX size: 13.2 cm x 4.4 cm x 2.3 cm
  • TX weight: 141.7 grams

Remote Switch Operator

Model RRS-3 requires the RSO-IV to operate. All RRS-3 units come with the RSO-IV.

With the RSO-IV, a service technician can remotely operate on RRS-3 remote racking device for circuit breakers from a safe distance.

By allowing service personnel to stand outside the arc-flash boundary, the CBS ArcSafe RSO-IV for the RRS-3 reduces the need for a full-body arc-flash hazard suit.

Some units will require the RSO-IV-NW; the RSO-IV-NW is an extension of the RSO-IV that allows the operator to operate interlocks.