SecureConnect™ Remote Operator Adds Arc-Flash Safety to Motor Control Center Maintenance

SecureConnect Remote Operator

CBS ArcSafe® is pleased to introduce the SecureConnect Remote Operator for Allen-Bradley® CENTERLINE® 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs), allowing technicians to operate the SecureConnect safety system from up to 90 meters away, well outside the arc-flash boundary.

The SecureConnect Remote Operator system is compatible with Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 MCCs with the SecureConnect option. Designed in cooperation with Rockwell Automation, the 5.9kg SecureConnect Remote Operator allows technicians to remotely disconnect an individual plug-in unit or motor control bucket from the CENTERLINE vertical power bus while the enclosure door is closed and while standing up to 90 meters away. Prior to the introduction of the SecureConnect Remote Operator unit, technicians manually operated the SecureConnect while standing in front of an MCC. However, while the enclosure door provides some protection, distance is safety when it comes to avoiding arc-flash injuries. The new SecureConnect Remote Operator allows technicians to operate the CENTERLINE optional safety system from up to 15 meters via wired tether or from up to 90 meters using CBS ArcSafe’s wireless pendant.

Remotely Disconnect Power from the Bus

SecureConnect Remote Operator System utilises a multipoint validation system that confirms for operators when the unit or motor bucket power has been withdrawn from the vertical bus and can be manually withdrawn from the MCC. When an individual MCC unit is isolated from the power source in this way, the remaining MCC unit can continue to operate without disruption, thereby reducing the need to completely shut down the equipment and impact other processes. A pair of limit switches inside the SecureConnect™ mechanism of the plug-in unit separately measure the position of the motor control contactors and the shutters on the MCC unit. Safe conditions are shown by a green LED light, while a red LED indicates that the unit is still connected to an energised bus or that arc-flash danger is still present.

Installation and operation of the SecureConnect Remote Operator System is quick and simple and does not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment. This new remote operator is the latest addition to CBS ArcSafe’s line of remote racking and switching solutions for circuit breakers, switchgear and motor controls, which includes the RRS-2 BE universal remote racking system, designed specifically for motor control applications.

As with all CBS ArcSafe products, the SecureConnect™ Remote Operator enables automated remote operation from up to 90 meters and increases operator safety by minimising exposure to harmful voltages and the consequences of arc flash. It also streamlines maintenance schedules by reducing downtime.


  • Places operator outside the arc-flash protection boundary
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Minimises maintenance downtime
  • No equipment modifications required

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Product Information

SecureConnect* Specifications

Weight: 5.9 kg
Width: 30.5 cm
Height: 19.1 cm
Depth: 24.1 cm
Wired Operating Distance: 7.6 or 15.2 m
Wireless Operating Distance: Up to 91.4 m (line-of-sight)
Compatibility: Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE® 2100 plug-in units equipped with SecureConnect
Input Voltage: 120–240V AC/50–60Hz
UL #E476214
*Patent Pending

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