GDPR Statement

Group CBS Europe Ltd and its affiliates (hereafter, Group CBS Europe) are committed to ensuring the security and protection of personal data we receive and providing a compliant and consistent approach to ongoing data protection.

Group CBS Europe is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information and will not share, sell, or transfer any details to any other organisation, company, or third party outside of our organisation, affiliates, and appointed sales support entities.

GDPR Compliance

Group CBS Europe aims to be fully compliant by 25 May, 2018. Our preparations include the following:

Information Audit — We have audited and reviewed our processes to access the type of information we gather, hold, and process, as well as its source and to whom it is disclosed.

Policies and Procedures — We have audited our processes and policies to ensure that the following is maintained:

Data Protection — All data and personal information is held in compliance with GDPR regulations, with rights to the individual and privacy by design.

Data Erasure and Retention — We hold any information that we obtain with a schedule to archive and destroy all information that is no longer relevant or for which an individual has withdrawn consent. All data is retained or erased in an ethical and compliant manner.

Data Breach — Our procedure to identify, access, investigate, and report any data breach at the earliest time is in place. All employees are aware of the reporting line and steps to take should a breach be detected or reported.

Third-Party Disclosure and Transfer — All personal information we gather and hold will only be stored and used by Group CBS Europe, its affiliates, and appointed sales support entities. We will neither transfer nor disclose information to a third party, inside or outside of the EU, or to any party outside of Group CBS Europe, its affiliates, and appointed sales support entities.

Subject Access Request — Group CBS Europe requires 30 days to fulfil a request for personal information. Please contact Neil Brookes via email at should you like to make such a request.

Lawfulness of Processing — We have reviewed our procedures for processing information to ensure that use of the information is restricted to the purpose for which the information was obtained. Where applicable, we also maintain records of processing and activities, ensuring compliance with new GDPR requirements and the Data Protection Bill.

Obtaining Consent — We have mechanisms in place to ensure that informed consent is provided before we process personal information. This includes an opt-in process, with evidence-based timestamps to enable effective processing and withdrawal of consent at any time.

Direct Marketing — Our direct marketing processes include a clear notice with an opt-in mechanism and unsubscribe feature for all marketing materials. These processes can be accessed on direct marketing and opt-in correspondences.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) — Group CBS Europe is not a data processor, and, therefore, any information impacts will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Special Category Data — We do not source, hold, process, or archive any Special Category Data, including but not limited to age, nationality, religion, gender, or memberships. Any such information obtained will be destroyed and will not be processed for any reason or purpose.

Data Subject Rights

You have a right to know how we process your information. To help you exercise your data protection rights, we are committed to sharing how we process your information, including the following:

  • What information is held about you or your organisation.
  • The purpose of the processing of information.
  • The categories concerned.
  • Any information that has been disclosed to affiliates or appointed sales support entities.
  • How long we intend to hold your information.
  • How the data was originally received, including the source.
  • The right to correct or complete information processed and the right to erase personal details, including partial processing, in relation to direct marketing and/or opt-in communications.
  • The right to raise a complaint and to contact by email the person responsible for processing the complaint (see GDPR Roles and Employees).

GDPR Roles and Employees

Group CBS Europe has appointed Neil Brookes, Managing Director, to direct and review all processes and procedures with the new data protection regulations.
If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Neil Brookes, Managing Director, via email:

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