Universal MCC Bucket Extractor Remote Racking System

The CBS ArcSafe RRS-2 BE is designed specifically for Motor Control Center (MCC) bucket removal applications.The RRS-2 BE is CBS ArcSafe’s specially designed counterpart to the industry-leading RRS-2 universal remote racking system for extraction-style breakers. The RRS-2 BE is designed specifically for motor control center (MCC) bucket removal applications where users would normally be required to perform the install or remove operation manually.

Setup and operation of the RRS-2 BE is very similar to that of the standard RRS-2; users who are familiar with RRS-2 operation can transition between the two easily, with no additional training required.

RRS-2 BE Product Options | RRS-2 BE Guide


  • Remote operation places the operator outside the arc-flash protection boundary
  • Compatible with low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers produced by all major switchgear manufacturers
  • Use with lever-style breakers
  • Easily adjustable height and angle of tooling
  • Quick-connect and -release drive actuators simplify setup
  • Over-racking protection provided
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Hand truck design provides easy mobility
  • Aids compliance with NFPA 70E relative to protecting personnel by using external circuit breaker rack-out devices

To meet the design requirements for the RRS-2 BE, CBS ArcSafe made major alterations to the standard RRS-2 unit, satisfying application requirements for the wide variety of MCCs in use today.


When compared to the standard RRS-2, the RRS-2 BE sports the following changes:

  • The control cabinet that houses all the electronics vital for operation has been integrated into a separate rugged case for simple transportation and storage.
  • The large linear actuator has been replaced with a compact, adjustable travel linear actuator, suited to the forces required for MCC buckets instead of large breakers.
  • The steel frame of the RRS-2 has been modified to accept the specialised tooling required for MCC bucket install and remove applications.
  • The RRS-2 unit has been broken down into modular systems on the RRS-2 BE to reduce the overall size and weight.

CBS ArcSafe Extractor Remote Racking System RRS-2 BEAlthough the RRS-2 BE exhibits many differences from the RRS-2, it also includes many of the standard features found on the RRS-2. Like the RRS-2, the RRS-2 BE sports a dual-channel enabled operation that allows users to carefully control the MCC bucket install and remove operations. The RRS-2 BE also utilises an intelligent AC/DC power system, allowing the unit to run on battery or AC power. The RRS-2 BE also includes several standard features that the RRS-2 does not. For instance, the RRS-2 BE comes standard with a two-station high-reach vertical adjustment capable of reaching MCC buckets up to 200 centimeters high. Also included is a wireless remote control that allows users to operate the unit from up to 90 meters away.

The RRS-2 BE is ideal for applications where users would normally be required to install or remove MCC buckets manually, exposing them to the potential hazards of an arc flash and its lethal consequences. The modular design allows the user to transport the unit individually into hard-to-access areas while not lifting more than 23 kilograms in the process. Designed to be extremely versatile, the RRS-2 BE is suited for use for all environments, from grueling applications in a power-generation facility to clean rooms at a high-tech manufacturing plant. The RRS-2 BE sets the new standard in lightweight and portable universal remote racking systems. Schedule a demonstration and see for yourself.

RSO-II for the RRS-2 BE

The RSO-II for the RRS-2 BE is a tightly integrated control cabinet inside a Pelican case. This gives the RRS-2 BE all the controls the RRS-2 control cabinet offers, minus the peripheral extensions. The RSO-II has the same batteries and charging system as the RRS-2, so the RRS-2 BE may be used. The RRS-2 BE has the same battery life as the RRS-2 and utilises custom actuators designed for MCC buckets.

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