Vacuum Interrupters Inc. has developed a replacement for the original vacuum interrupter pole assembly used in compatible Power/Vac® circuit breakers. Our replacement vacuum interrupter pole assemblies incorporate encapsulated/embedded vacuum interrupters and have passed the applicable ANSI/IEEE C37 standard tests.*

Our new encapsulated pole assemblies upgrade older compatible breakers to modern encapsulated/embedded pole technology. The main advantages of the embedded vacuum interrupter technology (compared to a standard open pole or assembled system) are its high dielectric strength and better protection from environmental influences. Our design is compact and rugged, resulting in a vacuum interrupter assembly that is much more reliable, with excellent vibration and shock resistance and enhanced mechanical strength. Additionally, it is significantly more resistant to environmental contaminants such as dust, humidity and moisture.

Vacuum Interrupters’ replacement encapsulated pole assemblies for compatible breakers allow you to maintain original reliable ML-17, ML-18 and ML-18H mechanisms that do not include any foreign-made components. Initially available models are listed below.

Benefits of Vacuum Interrupters’ encapsulated/embedded vacuum interrupter pole assembly include:

  • Compliant with applicable ANSI/IEEE C37 standard tests
  • Direct replacement of original vacuum interrupter pole assembly
  • Optimum protection of the vacuum interrupter
  • Resistant to impact, contaminants and moisture
  • High dielectric strength
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Increased reliability
  • Cost is very close to the cost of an interrupter replacement with exchange core

View a Video

Use the following link to view a video showing replacement of the original vacuum interrupter assemblies in a GE circuit breaker with our new encapsulated vacuum interrupter assemblies.

Currently we have replacement vacuum interrupter pole assemblies incorporating embedded vacuum interrupters for the following Power/Vac® circuit breakers. Others will be available in the near future.

Interrupter Assembly
Catalog No.
Breaker Frame
Rating (A)
Rated Maximum
Voltage (kV)
Vacuum Interrupters Inc.
Replacement Embedded
Assembly Part Number
VB-4.16-250-1200A-58 0282A2751G041* or
1200 4.76 RPA-GEPV01
VB-4.16-250-2000A-58 0282A2751G043* or
2000 4.76 RPA-GEPV02
VB-13.8-500-1200A-37 0280A2751G052* or
1200 15 RPA-GEPV03
VB-13.8-500-2000A-37 0282A2751G054*** 2000 15 RPA-GEPV04
VB-13.8-750-1200A-58 0282A2751G056* or
1200 15 RPA-GEPV05
VB-13.8-750-2000A-58 0282A2751G058*** 2000 15 RPA-GEPV06

* Used with circuit breakers using the ML-17 mechanism
** Used with circuit breakers using the ML-18 mechanism
*** Used with circuit breakers using either the ML-17 or ML-18 mechanism

Powell™ Industries
Rating (kA)
Breaker Frame
Rating (A)
Rated Maximum
Voltage (kV)
Vacuum Interrupters Inc.
Replacement Embedded
Assembly Part Number
VB-4.76-31.5 31.5 1200 4.76 RPA-GEPV07
VB-4.76-31.5 31.5 2000 4.76 RPA-GEPV08
VB-15-20 20 1200 15 RPA-GEPV09
VB-15-20 20 2000 15 RPA-GEPV10
VB-15-25 25 1200 15 RPA-GEPV11
VB-15-25 25 2000 15 RPA-GEPV12
VB-15-31.5 31.5 1200 15 RPA-GEPV13

Please contact us to discuss your application and requirements or to obtain pricing information.

* All manufacturers’ names, trademarks and part numbers are used for reference purposes only. Vacuum Interrupters Inc. is not an authorised distributor or representative for the listed manufacturers. Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Original Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assembly

Replacement Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assembly Using Embedded Vacuum Interrupter

Breaker with Original Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies

Breaker Retrofitted with Encapsulated/Embedded Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies