Handheld Motorized Circuit Breaker Racking Tool PPE-Z (in use)
CBS ArcSafe PPE-Z Handheld Motorized Circuit Breaker Racking Tool Unit

Handheld Motorized Circuit Breaker Racking Tool

The CBS ArcSafe PPE-Z is a handheld powered racking device capable of racking most rotary-style low- and medium-voltage switchgear.

The PPE-Z utilises a high-torque motor to rack breakers at approximately the same speed as a human operator, but without the added trouble of operator fatigue. This means that operators will be more efficient, thus reducing the amount of time spent within the arc-flash boundary.

The simple two-button operation and soft hand grips allow users to operate the PPE-Z easily and efficiently, even when outfitted with the most cumbersome PPE.

The AC/DC power system means that operators always have the power they need when they need it.


  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Increase operator productivity
  • Reduce time spent within arc-flash boundary
  • Self-contained portable unit
  • Compatible with all rotary racking mechanisms
  • Utilises existing CBS ArcSafe tooling
  • AC/DC power scheme
  • Built-in torque control to prevent switchgear damage


  • All steel and aluminium construction for durability
  • Adjustable-length tooling adapter for different breakers
  • Simple two-button operation, even when wearing large protective gloves
  • Comfort grips to reduce operator fatigue
  • AC/DC power scheme
  • 24VDC high-torque motor capable of racking in most low- and medium-voltage breakers