We offer SF6 repair services, allowing existing SF6 equipment to be refurbished and put back into service.*

We repair leaking seals, refill SF6 interrupters, repair SF6 breaker pole assemblies and stock replacement SF6 interrupters for a variety of medium-voltage (38kV and below) circuit breakers and metal-clad switchgear.

We also provide SF6 leak repair and refill services for SF6 pressure alarm switches.

Additionally, we provide SF6 gas recycling and reclaiming services, allowing existing SF6 equipment to be reused and put back into service.

Examples of the SF6 interrupter replacements we provide include but are not limited to the following applications:

  • ABB® GHK
  • Areva® / Alstom® Orthofluor® Type FP 17 40 G 13.8kV
  • Merlin Gerin® Fluarc® Type FG2 (5-15kV)
  • Merlin Gerin® Fluarc® Type FB4
  • Merlin Gerin® SF1
  • PACS® Type FBO
  • PACS® Type FG4
  • Schneider® SF1 T2 Circuit Breaker 44081-366-01, 730031B/730759B, 730031B/730759C
  • Square D® circuit breakers – see list below
  • Toshiba®
  • Yaskawa® OGR-5H41KMDP-Y

Square D® Circuit Breakers:

Square D® Fluarc®FBO circuit breaker

  • FB03122025
  • FB0-3061516

Square D® Fluarc® Type FG4 circuit breaker

Square D® Fluarc® Type FBO circuit breaker

Square D® Type FBO-FM circuit breaker – Front-Mounted Mechanism

Square D® Type FBO-RHS circuit breaker – Side-Mounted Mechanism

  • FBO-1 15.5kV
  • FBO-2 25.8kV
  • FBO-3 38kV

Square D® Type FB 15kV (Series 2) circuit breaker

  • FBS1061108
  • FBS1061112
  • FBS1061116
  • FBS1061120
  • FBS1121108
  • FBS1121112
  • FBS1121116
  • FBS1121120
  • FBS1121125

Square D® Type FB 25.8kV (Series 2) circuit breaker

  • FBS2061208
  • FBS2061212
  • FBS2061216
  • FBS2061218
  • FBS2061220
  • FBS2061225
  • FBS2121208
  • FBS2121212
  • FBS2121216
  • FBS2121218
  • FBS2121220
  • FBS2121225

Square D® Type FB 38kV (Series 2) circuit breaker

  • FBS3061512
  • FBS3061516
  • FBS3061520
  • FBS3061525
  • FBS3121512
  • FBS3121516
  • FBS3121520
  • FBS3121525

Square D® Part number for FB Pressure Switch is 730759C
Square D® Part number for FB interrupter without Pressure Switch is 730031B + 730759B
Square D® Part number for FB Interrupter with Pressure Switch is 730031B + 730759C

* All manufacturers’ names, trademarks and part numbers are used for reference purposes only. Vacuum Interrupters Inc. is not an authorised distributor or representative for the listed manufacturers. Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.