CBS ArcSafe remote racking product

CBS ArcSafe-8438 smaller        CBS ArcSafe-8446-evennsmaller

PD Alert provides an additional layer of safety for technicians tasked with racking or removing circuit breakers and motor control centers.


In the event of a breakdown in line-to-line or line-to-ground insulation, the programmable PD Alert radio frequency (RF) non-contact sensor issues a visual strobe alarm or digital alarm via email or SMS text message. Compatible with RRS-1, RRS-1LT, RRS-4 and RRS-2 only; also works as stand-alone sensor.

For more information on the PD Alert, download the product bulletin here: ArcSafe_RRS-1-PD_ProductBulletin_hires.pdf

58 thoughts on “CBS ArcSafe Introduces PD Alert: Partial Discharge: The First Line of Defense”

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